We identify up to 30 of the most qualified job candidates within 3 days

    • Qualified candidates are sorted, selected, and graded based on your requirements
    • We can submit three sample candidates within one business day for your feedback to better ensure we meet your needs
    • We work overnight to ensure fast delivery
    • Qualified candidates are delivered via either our proprietary Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or as a zip file - your choice.
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Scrubbing (Optional)

Add candidates scrubbing to ensure only fresh candidates are presented to you.

    • You give us a list of previously viewed candidate names
    • We will make sure these candidates are excluded from the list of candidates we submit
    • You get only fresh candidates every time
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Screening (Optional)

Add candidate screening to talent identitifcation to save time in contacting candidates

    • We help you develop up to 10 screening questions per position
    • We publish this questionnaire on our online Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
    • We call each candidate 3 times, email them 2 times, and SMS text one time to get your questions answered
    • The process takes about two weeks and you receive all resumes, whether contacted successfully or not
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