Super fast qualified resume sourcing, scrubbing & candidate screening

In just three days, you can have access to up to 30 of the most qualified candidates available for your job opening.  How do we do it so fast?  The team behind Talentoid is experienced and highly trained in talent identification.  We provide on-going training so our Talent Identification Specialists can stay on top of the latest in talent identification trends and changes.  In addition, our proprietary Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and referral engine help us collect, sort, and deliver qualified candidate results faster than ever.

Our services in detail

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Sourcing Candidates

Talentoid efficiently sources both passive and active candidates from a variety of sources to ensure you receive the best potential new hires.

Totally Flexible

Whether you want a confidential search or have specific needs… We work with you at the front, middle, or behind the scenes.

Phone and Email Screening

Sick of playing phone tag? We take care of the screening process.

Sorting and Grading

Take the guesswork and hassle out of determining which candidates meet the job requirements.

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